Beyoncé Likely Made Bank As The Wedding Singer In India This Weekend

In news that falls clearly in the “A check is a check” category, Beyoncé taught us all that she’ll do more than Coachella if the price is right. One of Priyanka Chopra’s bridesmaids apparently won’t need to make a Bumble appearance to pay off her own wedding catering bill because her gazillionaire dad managed to pay for Bey to come and be the damn warm-up singer at a pre-wedding bash. Who headlined?! The actual voice of God??

TMZ reminds us all that celebrities can pick up an easy million bucks if they make an appearance and warble out two or three hits at private party, so that’s why you’ve seen A-listers slumming it at afternoon Bar Mitzvahs. Of course, this was no mere wedding of a couple with more money than sense. The bride, Isha Abmani, is the daughter of Mukesh Abmani, the richest dude in India. He owns an oil and gas company and has a net worth somewhere in the ballpark of $42 billion. Bey seemed to see a good source of easy income and a chance to play dress up. See for yourself:

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