Bill Cosby Tweets About Being ‘America’s Dad’ On Father’s Day & People Are Severely Creeped Out

While Bill Cosby continues to serve his prison sentence, he took to Twitter to share a message on Father’s Day — and people are slamming him as ‘creepy’ and begging him to ‘go away’ after seeing what he wrote.

“Hey, hey, hey…it’s America’s Dad,” Bill Cosby wrote on June 16. “I know it’s late, but to all of the Dads…it’s an honor to be called a Father, so let’s make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose – strengthening our families and communities.” Along with the message, he shared a throwback video of himself talking about slavery and racism. The tweet comes as Bill serves a three to ten year prison sentence after being found guilty of aggravated assault for an incident involving Andrea Constand in January 2004. He was found guilty in April 2018 and got his sentence in September. Bill has continuously denied the accusations against him.

Obviously, Bill did not post the message himself, but his spokesman confirmed to USA Today that he requested the message be sent on his behalf. “Mr Cosby’s (message) consisted of telling these men who have been incarcerated for many years, but are up for parole soon…to…take the word ‘disadvantage’ and remove the ‘dis,’ and start focusing on the advantage,” the rep said. “That advantage is to be better fathers and productive citizens.” However, because of the actor’s conviction, as well as the dozens of other sexual assault, misconduct and rape allegations against him, people are NOT happy about his Father’s Day message.

The response to Bill’s tweet is flooded with GIFs telling him to ‘stop talking’ and that he made a ‘mistake’ with the tweet, or urging him to ‘read the room.’ Naturally, people are pissed that Bill is continuing to refer to himself as ‘America’s Dad,’ despite what he’s been accused and convicted of.

“You’re an actual monster though,” someone wrote, while another person added, “Are you kidding me?” Someone else really took it to the 81-year-old and wrote, “You were the biggest disappointment of my life. You must live with that.”

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