Bill Pullman Voices Opposition to Donald Trump’s ‘Independence Day’ Deepfake Video

The POTUS has shared an altered clip from the 1996 film that superimposes his face onto the body of the actor’s President Whitmore character, making it look like he is the one giving inspiring speech instead.

AceShowbizBill Pullman is not happy his character’s iconic speech was borrowed by Donald Trump. On Saturday, May 16, the 45th POTUS shared a deepfake video from the 1996 film “Independence Day” in a Twitter post, and the actor playing Gulf War veteran President Thomas J. Whitmore in the movie has since reclaimed his voice back.

In a released statement, the 66-year-old actor stressed, “My voice belongs to no one but me, and I’m not running for president – this year.” He also reacted to a tweet suggesting he “should be so flattered that some very talented artists chose his voice to represent the words felt by @POTUS,” by sharing a meme that said, “No, go past this part! In fact…never play this part again.”

Created by the anonymous meme artist named “Mad Liberals,” the digitally altered clip itself was taken from the scene wherein President Whitmore delivers an inspiring speech to a group of ragtag pilots as they prepare for a final battle against alien attackers. In it, Trump’s head was superimposed over Whitmore’s, but still used Pullman’s original voice.

The clip has also altered faces of the crowd listening the rousing speech to those of the president’s supporters. Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, his 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, Senator Ted Cruz, Vice President Mike Pence and Fox News’ personalities Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson were among those featured.

The POTUS’ Twitter post has since been retweeted for over 78,000 times and has collected nearly 250,000 likes.

Bill, however, was not the only celebrity voicing his displease over Trump’s deepfake video post. Actress Vivica A. Fox angrily tweeted in response, “PRETENDING U KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING?? CANT BELIEVE U WOULD INSULT OUR CLASSIC FILM THIS WAY! BUT HEY! TYPICAL POS BEHAVIOR! U NEVER HAD THE LEADERSHIP OR COURAGE TO DO THIS ROLE! NEVER!”

Vivica A. Fox Blasted Donald Trump for Tweeting Altered ‘Independence Day’ Clip

Other online users have also slammed the President for the altered clip. “When you’re such a bad President, you need to photoshop yourself on a fictional President” and “This is how Trump envisions himself… but in reality, we witness Trump not speaking in coherent sentences, lying, and throwing tantrums on the daily” are some of the comments online.

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