Black Country Music Association Cofounder Says Morgan Wallen's Getting Off Easy

Frankie Staton — a Nashville musician who’s worked to increase diversity and inclusiveness in country music — doesn’t think Morgan Wallen‘s really getting what he deserves … and it sounds a lot like what’s described as white privilege.

Staton — who co-founded the Black Country Music Association in an effort to produce Black country stars — isn’t among folks willing to accept Wallen’s apology for using the n-word … at least not so readily.

She suggests Wallen’s situation is more of a societal issue, but the consequences he’s experiencing demonstrate the difference in a fallout between a popular white celeb … and someone else.

To prove her point, she mentions how Wallen’s popularity and sales are skyrocketing despite dropping a racial slur … so it seems his career won’t be adversely affected by his actions.

We asked if she thinks that’s fair — Frankie says “not really.” However, she says she doesn’t like seeing other musicians’ careers go down the drain because of a mistake … but as a Black woman, she underscores what Wallen said is unacceptable.

Frankie’s putting the pressure on Nashville to start holding people accountable for stuff like this in the future.

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