Blueface’s Mom Says He Has Secret ‘Main’ Girl Who’s ‘Been Around’ Since High School

Karissa Saffold spills the beans about her son’s alleged longtime love in response to Chrisean Rock airing her grief about the ‘Thotiana’ rapper getting touchy with his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis.

AceShowbizBlueface is expecting another child with Jaidyn Alexis and has been in an on-and-off relationship with Chrisean Rock, but none of them is his “main” chick. According to his mom, the rapper has a longtime love that has been around him since high school.

Karissa Saffold made this revelation in response to Chrisean airing her grief about Blueface posting a video of him rubbing Jaidyn’s belly during their recent baby shower. In the video shared by the “Thotiana” emcee, Chrisean scolded him for getting too touchy with his baby mama, who already shares a son with him.

Catching wind of this, Karissa let Chrisean know that Jaidyn isn’t the one that Chrisean “should be worried about.” She wrote on her Instagram Story, “I Ain’t the one the gossip But it ain’t the baby mama you should be worried about.”

“He got a Main and her name starts with ‘A’,” Blueface’s mom went on spilling without naming names. “She been around every since 10th grade. [shrug emoji] oh yeah and she in med school and don’t have a IG.”

Chrisean and Blueface’s baby mama were recently involved in an altercation. While Blueface remains mum on the whole situation, the two ladies as well as his sister Kali Miller have engaged in a back-and-forth on social media.

Chrisean admitted she punched Karissa, but said that she did it after Karlissa threw a glass jar at her. Chrisean said she was at Blueface’s house to help him hosting an event when his mom Karlissa, who has been staying there with her husband, allegedly provoked her. “She swung on me before, but I let it slide,” the artist, who accused Karlissa of bullying her for two years, said during an Instagram Live.

She then apologized to Kali for her action after Kali revealed her husband dumped her following the altercation, but Kali didn’t accept Chrisean’s apology. “You know rock this hurts me more than anything. I don’t care what my mom did or said she’s my mom and if I was there and you did that you’d probably would have got jumped. Nothing will ever justify what you did to my mom,” Kali wrote to Chrisean.

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