Camilla ‘instrumental in healing rift’ with ‘troubled Charles and Harry’

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been described as being “instrumental” in trying to heal the rift between Prince Charles and his youngest son, Harry.

There’s beenongoing reports of a rift between Prince Harry and his family after he married actress Meghan Markleand relocated to America with their son Archie.

The royal pair have since welcomed a daughter named Lillibet, who was born in California last summer.

As of December last year,Prince Charles reportedly hadn’t spoken to Harry in months, as was said to be “deeply hurt” by their strained relationship.

And things are said to be still not as they were between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Prince Charles – something which Camilla has reportedly tried to fix.

“The situation with Harry was upsetting for all the family, and we mustn’t forget that they are a family,” an insider told Vanity Fair.

“I know that Camilla did her best and was a tremendous sounding post and support for Charles, who was deeply troubled.”

Then continued to claim Camilla“threw a hand of friendship out to Harry and Meghan at various points. When Meghan was going through a difficult time with her own father, Camilla helped navigate things.”

According to the source, it was also Camilla who suggest that Prince Charles walk his now-daughter-in-law up the aisle.

The source went on to credit Camilla’s “family first” motto for rubbing off on her husband of 17 years, who rings his eldest son Prince William “almost every day” and is said to be “closer than ever” to his mother, the Queen.

While Camilla is thought to have tried to repair the relationship between Charles and Harry,the future Queen Consort reportedly has had her own rifts with her son-in-law.

DiscussingHarry’s upcoming memoir, Royal author Robert Jobson toldThe Mirror Harry's book is “likely to tackle his tricky relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall, who was confirmed as the future Queen Consort by our Queen and is probably the real reason he is staying away.

"Can you imagine how excruciating it would be over dinner if somebody was to ask what’s in the soon to be published Random House book about them?”

And a friend of Harry’s has said his explosive memoir will “shake the monarchy to the core”.

The Prince’s pal added: “People think he’s keeping a low profile to respect the family, but it’s not that.”

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