Chris Messina Went Blond For The Golden Globes And Panic Ensued

Whenever I think of the American boy next door who splits his time working part-time at the last operating Blockbuster and getting high in the loading docks behind the local Target, it’s usually Chris Messina’s face that works with that kinda bro.  Chris stepped out on the Golden Globes red carpet with a new platinum blonde lewk. Admittedly, I looked at him and thought, “Who?” Alas, Twitter looked at him and blew off at both ends.

Chris went blond because he’s in the new Harley Quinn movie with the annoyingly long title that also goes by Birds Of Prey. The Margot Robbie-led flick explores the story of Harley, and I guess that story involves interacting with someone who could be a sultry furniture salesman in a Scandinavian country. This is a departure for those of us who are used to seeing him as the derpy dude in The Mindy Project, or the derpy dude in The Newsroom, or the derpy dude in Julie & Julia. Some people on Twitter lost their shit in a bad way for his blonde locks and said shit like, “I’m sure this is for a role but also OHMYGOD CHRIS MESSINA NO.” Others dragged poor Harry Potter into this mess:

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