Chris Tarrant challenges boxing champ Tyson Fury to a FIGHT

Chris Tarrant, 76, threatens to HIT Tyson Fury, 35, ‘with a lead pipe’ after being ‘riled up’ by row claims

Chris Tarrant sensationally challenged undefeated heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury to a fight live on Radio X Breakfast on Wednesday.

The presenter threatened to ‘hit him with a lead pipe’ in a playful interview when his son Toby – who was standing in for Chris Moyles – asked him about Tyson’s claims they once had a ‘big row’ at Gleneagles hotel in Scotland. 

Chris, 76, insisted Tyson, 35, claims stem from them being in a lift together, but said: ‘I never spoke to him, I still never met him. He just wants cheap publicity.’ 

The former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host said he is now ‘wound up’ and ‘riled up’ and it’s brought out the ‘warrior’ in him. 

Toby asked his dad about the ‘row’  and said: ‘This is typical of my dad, I take my eye off of him for one moment and he’s getting in a fight with Tyson Fury. 

Ding, ding, ding, round ONE! Chris Tarrant, 76, has challenged boxing champ Tyson Fury, 35, to a FIGHT and threatened to ‘hit him with a lead pipe’ after being ‘riled up’ by row claims (stock image)

Rather you than us, Tarrant! Tyson is currently the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world so Chris’ playful jibes might be ill-advised (Tyson pictured with Chisora in 2002) 

‘Well I’m very happy to say that we have got Dad on the phone right now. Dad why are you starting a fight with the Gypsy King? What’s wrong with you? ‘

Chris said: ‘I didn’t actually start the fight… in actual fact, there was no fight, there was no big row, I’ve never met this man, but of course I wouldn’t pick a row with the biggest man on the planet. It’s complete and utter nonsense! 

‘If it was any normal bloke, and any normal boxer, or any other boxer I would say, he’s had too many blows to the head, but nobody’s ever hit Tyson on the head! He’s six foot 9, you can’t get near him! No idea. 

‘I was up in Gleneagles with my Mrs, we got into a crowded lift, and you know you do that thing, everybody does it, you get into the lift and you automatically look forward towards the doors, so I looked towards the doors, I’m vaguely aware that there’s a massive sort of mountain at the back of this very crowded lift, and I get out and the doors close, and I said “I think that was Tyson Fury in the lift”. 

‘We’re going to dinner, I mean I was in the lift for 30/45 seconds, I go to the dinner and I say to the waitress girl “Just out of interest, is Tyson Fury staying in this hotel?” and she says “I can’t tell you that” and I went “well he definitely is then.” 

He continued: ‘I never spoke to him, I still never met him, so why? So weird. Is he trying to set me up for the next fight? Is he trying to rile me? It’s a bit of publicity for him and all that, but there’s a point where you know, it’s starting to bring out the warrior in me frankly. Oh come on, you can look past it, I’ll tell you what, I’m in the gym.’

When Toby compared Chris to Rocky, he said: ‘That’s me. I’ve got a plan, because this is going to go all the way now, and it’s actually wound me up as well, 

‘I just think, he just wants cheap publicity out of me and I’m not having it. I have a plan that on the night of the fight, I’m going to hide behind his dressing room door, and when he comes out, I’m going to hit him with a lead pipe.’

Oh, dad! Chris spoke to his son Toby Tarrant over the phone on Radio X on Wednesday morning and it seems he was amused by the whole thing 

Oh no! It comes after Tyson claimed on his Netflix reality show, At Home With The Furys that he had a ‘big row’ with Chris when they were both at Gleneagles in Scotland but didn’t give too much detail 

Chris joked that he has no issue with Tyson’s family, just the ‘big man himself.’ 

He said: ‘It’s all over, it’s night night Mr Fury. And then I just hang up my dogs and go back to my quiet life. He shouldn’t have riled me, shouldn’t have wound me up. No more Mr Nice Guy Tyson.’

MailOnline has approached Tyson for further comment. 

His words came after Tyson sensationally claimed on his new reality show that he once had a ‘big row’ during that trip to Gleneagles.

Chris spoke to MailOnline to brand the story ‘nonsense’ and said the pair have ‘never even met.’ 

He said: ‘It is complete nonsense! I’ve never even met him. My wife and I got into a crowded lift with Tyson in it. We didn’t even speak and I got out at the next floor. 

‘There was no row; not a word was exchanged and we never saw him again! So I’ve still never met him. He is one of the greatest boxers I’ve ever seen , why on earth would I have a row with him? This is rubbish.’

Chris told MailOnline the day before: ‘There was no row; not a word was exchanged and we never saw him again! So I’ve still never met him. He is one of the greatest boxers I’ve ever seen , why on earth would I have a row with him? This is rubbish’ (stock image) 

Tyson gave no further explanation but giggled as he said the words. 

The episode had started with Tyson deciding to take his dad to visit Pompeii on a whim before changing his mind after Paris tells him she always wanted to go. 

As his dad gets in his car to go to the airport, Tyson lies and tells him the flight has been cancelled before realising there are actually no more flights.

So he decides to take Paris to Scotland to get a few days away from their six children – inspired by his previous trip there – but the next day he tells her he doesn’t want to go anymore. 

Paris tells him: ‘If you didn’t want to go, why don’t you just man up and say you don’t want to go?’ 

He replies: ‘I don’t want to go. I can’t be bothered. I never want to go anywhere. Can’t be a**ed with a six hour drive. I won’t pack. I’ll wear these clothes for three days, to train in, eat, sleep, drink in. 

‘Can’t believe we’re talking about it, arguing about it, whatever you wanna call it, not interested.’ 

As the couple embark on their journey to Scotland in their Lamborghini, things remain a little tense. 

Honesty is key: The Tarrant tale came out when Tyson agreed to take his wife Paris to Scotland but then tells her he ‘doesn’t want to go’, much to her annoyance 

Did it happen? Gleneagles where Tyson claimed the feud took place 

Paris tells the cameras: ‘Once he gets triggered into a bad mood, he can’t seem to get out of it the same as a normal person. 

‘So he can make stress seem so stressful and there’s really nothing going on.’

Back in the car, she asks him: ‘What were you been all moody for?’ 

He replied: ‘I just don’t wanna go. I could get more rest in me bedroom.’

Paris says:  ‘Forget about all the anxiety and the issues. Just enjoy it now.’ 

He replies: ‘Enjoy what?’

‘She tells him: ‘A break!’ with the scene ending with her looking furious. 

Fans have branded Paris a ‘saint’ after watching the show.

The programme, which debuted on Wednesday, follows the world heavyweight champion, as he exits the ring and tries to embrace retirement with his family.

After watching the reality show, viewers heaped praise on mother-of-six Paris, who is currently expecting their seventh child, and commented that she ‘has her hands full’.

Eager fans also shared their hopes for a second series of the entertaining show as they gushed over the first nine-part instalment.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: ‘At home with the Fury’s that’s me for 9 hours. Brilliant show.’ 

Listen to Toby Tarrant on Radio X on Global Player 

Praise: Fans have branded Paris a ‘saint’ after watching their new Netflix documentary At Home With The Furys which debuted on Wednesday

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