Dak Prescott's Pit Bull Dog Attacks Neighbor, Quarantined

Dak Prescott‘s pit bull is being held by authorities in Frisco, Texas — after it escaped the QB’s home and bit a neighbor, cops confirmed. 

According to the Frisco Police Dept., officials received a call from a neighbor on Monday around 10:51 AM to report a loose pit bull fighting with another dog through a fence. 

The neighbor claims she tried to intervene and break up the fight — but Dak’s dog snapped at her — causing enough damage that she was transported to a local hospital. 

Officials say the woman’s injuries are not life-threatening. 

Cops determined the pit bull — along with another dog that got on the neighbor’s property — belonged to the Dallas Cowboys QB … and had escaped his house while he wasn’t home. 

Investigators determined the dogs got out through an unsecured door. 

Here’s where things get serious for Dak — cops called Frisco Animal Services which captured the animal and brought it to a nearby animal shelter where it will remain in quarantine for 10 days.

Cops say the incident is being classified as a Class C misdemeanor — punishable by a $500 fine. 

But, we’ve seen a ton of cases like this before where the victim follows up with a civil lawsuit — just look at the Blake Griffin situation in Los Angeles

Dak’s other dog was also captured and returned to a person at the QB’s home. That dog isn’t accused of biting anyone. It’s a good dog. 

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