Deavan Clegg Reveals Daughter Drascilla Diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy

For months, Deavan Clegg has battled weird paternity rumors and vicious attacks against her daughter, who developed an unknown condition.

Now, she has revealed that Drascilla’s mystery condition has a diagnosis.

Deavan had previously revealed that Drascilla was in some way unwell. On Monday, she shared some news.

“Everyone is asking,” Deavan acknowledged in her Instagram Story.

She shared: “we did find out Drascilla has Bell’s palsy.”

“We are sad but working hard with her,” Deavan stated.

She updated followers, wriitng: “she’s improving day by day.”

Deavan details that Drascilla is seeing noticeable improvements after working “with new exercises.”

“Thank you everyone for sending your prayers,” Deavan expressed, sharing a photo of her daughter.

“We are hoping she will fully recover,” she added.

“But right now,” Deavan concluded, “we are hoping to see our princess smile again.” 

Bell’s palsy is, simply put, an abrupt weakness in the muscles in one half of the face (divided down the middle), as if half of one’s face were paralyzed and unable to move.

This condition is unusual in someone under 15 or someone over 60. Most recover within two weeks to six months, but in rare cases, people do not fully recover facial control.

(For the record, I’ve known a couple of people to develop this condition, and it cleared up for them both)

“Hearing everyone’s story about having Bell’s palsy has been amazing,” Deavan wrote in a follow-up post.

“Sorry I haven’t replied to all of them,” she apologized, adding: “I am reading them all, though.”

“You guys are truly amazing,” Deavan concluded. “Thank you so much for the great advice.”

This is certainly a scary time — for Deavan and for Drascilla.

2020 has not been easy for any of us, but it may literally be the wost year of this sweet little girl’s life.

Fortunately, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and her fresh diagnosis, she got into the Halloween spirit.

Her grandmother, Elicia Clegg, shared this photo on Monday, alongside a caption.

“Thank you for all the prayers and messages of hope,” she wrote.

“We know she will have her smile back soon,” Elicia expressed. “Much Love and Gratitude to all you lovely people.”

Long before Drascilla’s current condition, which we all hope will soon pass, she was already struggling this year.

When the family was still in Korea, she suffered a terrible trauma.

According to Deavan, Jihoon attacked poor Drascilla, ripping out chunks of her hair and hitting her.

Jihoon denied the allegations even before they were public knowledge in a preemptive PR move to get fans on his side.

But according to leaked DMs that Deavan allegedly sent to Leida Margaretha, Deavan has a lot of photographic evidence — despite Jihoon’s attempt to hack her iCloud to delete it.

Though Deavan and Drascilla made it safely back to the US and have spent months healing, that kind of trauma can change the course of a child’s life.

The stigma attached to conditions impacting the face can be even harder on children than it is on adults.

Fortunately, Drascilla has a loving family support system around her.

We hope that, in a few weeks’ time, she will have made a full recovery and we can all see her smile again. We will keep Drascilla in our thoughts.

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