Dianne Buswell breaks silence on Shirley Ballas’ name blunder

Strictly: Shirley Ballas calls Dianne Buswell 'Diana'

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Dianne Buswell, 33, has taken to Instagram to tell Strictly Come Dancing fans to be “kind” after head judge Shirley Ballas, 62, received harsh criticism for pronouncing the dancer’s name wrong twice on the BBC dance show. The professional dancer made sure to reiterate that the “hateful comments” directed towards Shirley were not needed as she is not even “offended” by the minor error.

Let’s all please be kind to one another!

Dianne Buswell

Shirley has come under heavy scrutiny in the last few weeks for using the wrong moniker while giving her critique of Dianne and Tyler West’s dance routine.

While reviewing the pair’s Viennese Waltz to I’ve Been Loving You Too Long by Seal, Shirley called Dianne, Diana, prompting fans to call the show judge out on social media.

This has left Dianne forced to address the “hateful” criticisms of Shirley, reiterating to her followers to “be kind”.

She wrote in view of her 879,000 Instagram followers: “Firstly thank you guys so much for all the support on our dance last night. It was a tough week but I am forever in awe of the hard work and dedication Tyler brings every single week.

“Another point I want to address is I have seen a lot of hateful comments aimed at Shirley for simply adding an a to the end of my name which doesn’t offend me, but what does make me upset is seeing someone being bullied online.

“We are all human and doing the best we can. Let’s all please be kind to one another and not put each other down.

“Once again thank you for all your positive messages. It really does mean a lot to us all.”

Many social media users rushed to the comments to share their support for the dancer.

Jessiexaimee said: “That’s so horrible that Shirley got bullied for that. And bullying is never okay. I mean goodness me it’s a simple mistake.

“My dad calls me by a completely different name sometimes (other siblings) and I don’t bat an eyelid. Be kind people!!”

Pooja_sethi1989 added: “People need to get a grip and realise it’s a tv show not sure why they need to heap abuse at people.”

Doroncrafter76 commented: “I thought it was her pet name for you.

“We all get things wrong, no one is perfect. It is always best to go by, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”

Shirley called Dianne ‘Diana’ again last night on the show when she was giving her critiques of her and Tyler’s performance.

She told the dancers: “I’ll give you the two things that I really enjoyed and that was the delivery of the expression. I really enjoyed that part.

“And I think that you give Diana room to show her fluidity and her flexibility which I rather enjoy as well.

“But I don’t quite think it was the most comfortable dance for you… there were too many mistakes, you know that, two or three little mistakes were in there, incorrect footwork. Too much incorrect footwork.

“I can forgive a little bit but too much incorrect footwork.”

Elsewhere in the competition Hamza and Jowita certainly set the bar high for the evening as they bagged an incredible three 10s, with an overall score of 38 points.

You can watch this evening’s Strictly results show at 7.15pm on BBC One

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