Did Bella Thorne Kick Her Ex Mod Sun to the Curb at Coachella Last Weekend for This Hot Italian Musician?

While both Bella Thorne and her now ex Mod Sun both seem to have publicly confirmed reports of their break up at Coachella last weekend after three years of dating, both were less open about the reason behind the split. But maybe the reason came wrapped in a hot, tatted-up, blue-eyed Italian package …

E! News is reporting that Bella was witnessed getting close at Coachella with a young Italian musician named Benjamin Mascolo — right around the time of her split with Mod Su. How close was she getting to Benjamin? Well, close enough to stare deeply into his eyes, kiss and hold his hand. And pics are now circulating on social media of the two seeming pretty darn into each other.

So who is Benjamin? While there are not yet a lot of details available about him, he’s apparently a musician in an Italian pop-rock duo named Benji & Fedi. From his Instagram account, Benjamin looks like he has also done some modeling.

Below we have a snap of Bella and Benjamin getting very personal while sitting face to face at Coachella last weekend. We also have a gallery of some recent sexy IG snaps of Bella’s hot Italian “friend,’ for those interested.

(Image source: Benjamin Mascolo Instagram account)

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