Dixie D’Amelio Ends Performance Due to Having a Medical Emergency On Stage

On July 7, Dixie D’Amelio had quite the health scare on stage while performing in Chicago. The TikTok star took to Twitter to explain what happened.

“At tonight’s Chicago show, the moving lights accidentally went off and I started feeling extremely ill,” she wrote. “I tried to finish the set but I decided to leave stage early and get checked up by medics.”

“I’m fine now and disappointed I wasn’t able to finish my set, but wanted to let you all know what happened and that I’m ok. Thanks for all the well wishes and support.”

Hey everyone, as a lot of you know I
struggle with psychogenic non-
epileptic seizures and have issues
with flashes and strobe lights. At
tonight’s Chicago show the moving
lights accidentally went off and I
started feeling extremely ill. I tried
to finish the set but 1/2

The starlet has been open about her health issues in the past, noting that she suffers from “psychogenic non-epileptic seizures,” (aka seizures caused by psychological factors). Dixie said that she tried to power through her performance in Chicago but started having “issues with flashes and strobe lights” during her set.

Twitter fans immediately showed their support for D’Amelio, sending their well-wishes and love for the singer in the Tweet thread. “We love you so much dix ♥️ get well soon,” wrote one fan, with other users echoing the sentiment that Dixie’s health should come first before performing.

Besides her medical scare, Dixie appears to be faring well with tour life, posting a photo carousel on Instagram of recent pics, which include shots of her boarding and sitting on a plane, eating an ice cream cone in Norwalk, Connecticut, and visiting a Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park.


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Dixie has more than proved her influence on TikTok as well as her AH-mazing sense of fashion, and now she’s breaking into the music industry with her first album a letter to me making its debut in June 2022. She’s currently touring with Big Time Rush for their ‘Forever’ tour and even recently announced that fans have a chance to star in her upcoming music video for the song “Someone to Blame,” partnering with the app Videoleap by Lightricks to make the cameo happen.

With all of these exciting things going on, we hope that you take time to rest and recharge, Dix! Consider this our official “Get Well Soon” card 😘.

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