Doctor blamed for Glenn Frey’s death says he’s not worth $12M

Glenn Frey may have been a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, but the doctor who’s being blamed for his death doesn’t believe The Eagles frontman could have made another $12 million had he lived past age 67.

Widow Cindy Frey wants the eight-figure sum for “lost earnings” from gastroenterologist Dr. Steven Itzkowitz, claiming he was negligent in treating the “Desperado” singer’s ulcerative colitis in 2015.

Frey died a year later from colitis and other complications. He was worth a reported $90 million at the time.

Izkowitz claims in new Manhattan Supreme Court papers that Cindy Frey has refused to provide financial records to show that her husband would have pulled in millions more had he stayed alive.

Eric Turkewitz, an attorney for the widow, responded in court papers that he hasn’t forked over the financial information because the doctor hasn’t signed a confidentiality agreement.

The parties are due in court next week.

Cindy Frey’s January 2018 wrongful death suit says the doctor failed to “promptly and properly assess the patient for respiratory issues” and ignored an infection.

“As a result of his death, his family was deprived of his care, guidance and support, and they have suffered pecuniary damage,” the suit says.

Frey married his wife, a dancer, in 1990. They had three children.

During his decades-long music career Frey won six Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998

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