Dr. Phil Talks with Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Who Say Netflix Got It Wrong

2:56 PM PT — Rita Isbell, Billy Capshaw and Preston Davis were featured on Dr. Phil sharing their experiences with Dahmer. The episode was very emotional.

Dr. Phil is uncovering a terrifying Jeffrey Dahmer tale — 2 men raped, beaten and tortured by him who say the Dahmer in the Netflix series is not the “cold-blooded killer” they encountered.

Dr. Phil joined us Tuesday on “TMZ Live” … telling us about several interviews he conducted for his 3-day series about Dahmer, his victims and their loved ones. He says many family members were hurt by Netflix’s decision to create the show … which has forced them to open up old wounds.

Case in point, the 2 men who knew Dahmer while he was in the army, and whose stories were not part of the ‘Monster’ series on Netflix.

Phil says they described their encounters … which included getting drugged, and in one case, raped — but according to them the military swept the attacks under the rug.

He’s also featuring an interview with Dahmer’s father, Lionel, where they dig into the killer’s formative years … and Phil says Lionel admitted missing several red flags.

As we’ve reported, the popularity of the Netflix series prompted ill-timed costume choices, pieces of Dahmer’s ensemble going up for auction, and even a pizza special in “honor” of the mass murderer.

There’s also been tremendous backlash, and Phil says his aim is to provide a platform for those most upset by Dahmer’s macabre popularity.

His 3-day special, “In The Presence of Evil: Face to Face with Jeffrey Dahmer” begins airing today and continues through Thursday.

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