Drake Shows Off New Tattoo While On Vacation

There are certain times when I see Drake and I say to myself “Yeah, I’d hit it”. And other times, not so much. Well now you can put me down for an extra helping of “Hell Yeah I’d hit that!” because Drake did some thirst trappin’ on his Instagram page while on vacation in Turks & Caicos.

The photo, which he has since taken down, shows him posing in front of a bathroom mirror with a huge owl tattoo sprawled across his chest. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a dude with a whole bunch of tats. But this tattoo looks like something one of his groupies drew on him while he was passed out drunk on tour. It’s also symbolic. According to E Online Drake’s tattoo is more than just a misplaced tramp stamp on his chest. It actually has meaning.

The chest tat is also symbolic of Drake’s OVO music label and clothing company. OVO stands for October’s Very Own, and his birthday happens to be in, you guessed it, October! His Oct. 24 birthday also hints at why he named his newest album Scorpion (he’s a Scorpio).

So Drake’s a Scorpio, huh? Everyone knows they’re the biggest freaks of the zodiac so I wonder if he ever does anything freaky with the tattoo like run up to a group of ladies, flash them his owl and then says something smooth like “Whoo wants to fuck? Whoo? Whoo?” Yeah, I can totally see him doing that.

Here’s some video from Drake’s Instagram of him living his best life with his new titty tat in a pool.

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