Duchess Kate Pulled A Duchess Meghan By Wearing Pants To A Royal Appearance

I was under the impression that Duchess Kate’s legs only existed in an on-duty Royal capacity if they were wrapped in pantyhose and covered from the knees-up by a skirt. But what is this? Duchess Kate wore pants today, and she’s still here!

Duchess Kate and Prince William appeared in Cyprus today to visit a Royal Air Force base and spend some time with military personnel who are spending the holidays away from their families. The only way Kate could have gotten more attention today would be if she had stepped off the plane for their visit in an ugly, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer-themed Christmas sweater. Kate traded in her signature pantyhose-and-skirt combo for a pair of black trousers.

Duchess Kate has worn pants before, but they’re often reserved for an informal setting. Meghan, however, has shocked stodgier members of the Royal family by showing up to events and engagements in trousers. This is one of the first times Kate showed up in trousers for an event that definitely could have called for a skirt. Pants aren’t officially listed as treason on The Queen’s shit list, but she reportedly favors lady Royals to keep it “traditional” with skirts and dresses.

Kate paired her pants with a blazer she’s had for a couple years now, and the whole look is very ‘Phys-Ed teacher at the end-of-year athletic banquet.’ But that doesn’t mean this whole trip has been a pants party. Earlier in the day yesterday, Kate wore a red tartan skirt. That evening, she showed up to a Buckingham Palace party in a fancy gown and her current favorite tiara.

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