Duchess Meghans examines the bitch & difficult archetypes in this weeks pod

The Duchess of Sussex’s Archetypes podcast this week is “To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ with Mellody Hobson & Victoria Jackson.” Mellody Hobson is a major California-based businesswoman… who also happens to be married to George Lucas. Victoria Jackson – the one on this pod – is the makeup company founder, not the SNL comedienne. But the very start of the podcast includes Meghan talking to one of my faves, Robin Thede!!! Robin Thede created The Black Lady Sketch Show, one of the funniest shows on TV right now (which is executive produced by Issa Rae). Thede is a Northwestern alumnae, like Meghan. I’m so glad that Meghan puts a clip from The Black Lady Sketch Show, the clip from the “Bad Bitch Support Group” sketch.

Anyway, this week’s pod is about “bitch” and “difficult.” Meghan has been called difficult a million times in the past five years. Meghan also doesn’t like the word “bitch” and she doesn’t want to reclaim the word whatsoever. She even calls it “the b-word,” that’s how much she hates the word. Celebitches, we can’t relate.

I mean, she’s right that when the word “bitch” is weaponized against women, to keep women silent or marginalized. But I also have to admit… I find this conversation kind of dated? I’m absolutely positive that there are still women with power and agency being called a “bitch” today. But I also think that over the past twenty or fifteen years, women HAVE reclaimed the word. “Bad bitches” ARE a thing, a positive thing. There is a recognition that “bitches get sh-t done.” On the other hand – I know I’m arguing with myself – look at what they did to Hillary Clinton. Look at what they’re doing to Kamala Harris. Look at what they’ve done to Meghan. So yeah, maybe this is the conversation we need.

I enjoyed the part with Mellody Hobson about the Art of War, “crouch to conquer,” and women’s presentation. Also loved the etymological history of “bitch.”

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