Elizabeth Turner Flaunts Curves In White Bikini On A Boat In St Tropez

Model Elizabeth Turner wore a chic outfit for a photoshoot with Maxim, which included a white bikini top with a light tan plaid pattern, along with a head scarf and chunky necklace. Her bangs fell out from under the scarf, as she looked to her left. The ocean was visible in the backdrop, along with a bright blue boat that she was on. Captions revealed that the image was taken in St Tropez by Gilles Bensimon. The Instagram photo received tons of positive feedback from fans, who noted, “Beautiful,” “Pretty eyes,” and “Really sophisticated.”

Meanwhile, the model has been sharing updates with her fans on her personal Instagram page, which revealed that she’s enjoying herself aboard yet another boat, this time at Biscayne Bay. Elizabeth’s newest Instagram photo shows her posing with two other girlfriends, as the model sported a simple black one-piece swimsuit and a top bun.

And five days ago, Turner shared a photo of herself posing from a balcony in Miami Beach, Florida, wearing a front-tie black bikini top and green bottoms with a black accent. Obviously she’s enjoying the sun quite a bit, and opted for a natural makeup look including simple mascara and pink lipstick. She wore her hair down, along with a gold bracelet and a silver watch.

And for fans who are wondering how the model stays in such great shape, it sounds like it’s thanks to a varied workout routine. Previously, Turner spoke with Galore about some of her favorite workouts, including boxing.

“Boxing is a great way to get cardio exercise. My heart rate is elevated within the first five minutes, and stays elevated the entire time because of the super quick, repetitive motions. Not only is it a kick ass workout, but it also helps get out my frustrations… Imagining the bag I’m punching as a frustration I’m experiencing helps me hit it harder!”

Elizabeth also enjoys several other options, as she mentioned that “I LOVE going to barre workouts. Besides boxing, barre is one of my favorite workouts. If you get the right teacher, you can sweat the entire time by completing sets of isometric and light weight exercises. Boxing and barre have changed my body and helped me tone up the most out of everything. And both help me get endorphins flowing and get me smiling.”

Obviously, whatever Turner is doing is working, as she looks radiant and in great shape in her recent photos. Fans are looking forward to seeing what more she has coming during the rest of 2019.

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