Ellen Page Wants Chris Pratt To Talk About The Anti-LGBTQ Views Of His Church

You might be thinking, “Err, exactly which anti-LGBTQ church are you talking about?” Today, we’re talking about Hillsong, that “alleged” money-making cult ran by the Hobby Lobby Terry Richardson, Pastor Carl Lentz. Justin Bieber was the Jesus of Hillsong before moving on to some other hipster church called The City Church. Hillsong is not a normal church, it’s a cool church, and it may dress itself up like a skinny jeans-wearing liberal hipster who marches in Pride Parades and holds up a Planned Parenthood sign at the Women’s March, but it’s against abortion and doesn’t exactly embrace gays. Chris Pratt is a member of Hillsong, and yesterday, Ellen Page called him out for it.

Chris was on The Late Show, and Stephen Colbert brought up how he recently did a 21-day cleanse based on the Bible and that led to him spitting out some stuff about church. If you want to fall asleep like a 6-year-old me during Catholic mass before my abuelita slapped me awake with her program, jump to the 3:45 mark.

The Hollywood Reporter tweeted about that moment, which made Ellen Page wonder when is he going to talk about how his Scientology-But-With-Jesus ass church is anti-LGBTQ.

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