Emma Chamberlain Is 18 and Richer Than All the Adults I Know

When it comes to people who are more successful as teenagers than I will ever be as an adult, you can’t get much more impressive than 18-year-old YouTuber (and recent Cosmo cover star, ahem) Emma Chamberlain. Well, besides JoJo Siwa. But anyway, Emma has 8.6 million subscribers on YouTube, where she posts videos every week that get gazillions of eyeballs on them. Like, The Atlantic legit called her the “most important YouTuber today” thanks to a genius mix of insane influence and marketable relatability. And the more people who ~like and subscribe~ to Emma’s videos, the more money she makes.

So, yeah: It goes without saying that Emma’s net worth is pretty impressive. But please take what you think she’s making and triple it, because she’s that rich. We’re getting into her net worth right here, right now—but first I’d like to invite you to join me as I:

Her YouTube $$$$

According to a circa July 2019 New York Times article that pulled data from social media analytics firm SocialBlade, Emma makes at least $120,000 a year (and potentially as much as $2 million) from her YouTube videos alone. Again, these videos don’t have to be sponsored to make money because YouTube works with advertisers—meaning that Emma just has to worry about making videos people want to watch, and YouTube will take care of the rest. She’s selling her own product, not anyone else’s—and that product happens to be authenticity.

On that note, let’s all take a moment to avoid work and watch one of her videos. Your boss won’t mind!!!!!

Her Instagram $$$$

Back in 2018, Forbes revealed that Emma’s engagement (aka “the amount of likes and comments of a post divided by the total amount of followers”) is literally wild. She was averaging around 25 percent engagement on Instagram in 2018, which is huge—especially when you consider that Kim Kardashian was averaging just 9 percent engagement with way more followers.

This means advertisers love Emma and she’s presumably making a ton of money from her sponsored posts (we don’t know exact numbers, sadly). But! It does add some pressure on her end. “Instagram is really stressful,” Emma told Forbes. “It’s a lot of pressure. You want to look good. But Twitter is where you can have fun. It’s definitely a fun and creative thing for me.”

Emma currently has 8.6 million Instagram followers and the vast majority of her posts aren’t sponsored—which lends more *dusts off this word again* authenticity to her platform. And the partnerships she does choose to do are pretty legit. Let’s just say you won’t be seeing FabFitFun or SugarBearHair sponcon on Emma’s feed. She’s busy chilling in her Calvins.

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FYI, She’s Living That Brand Ambassador Life

And not just on Instagram. Here’s Emma casually starring in a Louis Vuitton commercial:

Not sure what she was paid due to this annoying thing called privacy, but let’s assume it was close to $$,$$$,$$$. Plus, Emma also reps her own brand and has a full-blown merch line. Again, she hasn’t released her profit margins, but she’s clearly making enough for the brand to be worth the overhead:

So, What’s Her Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that’d be about $3 million. Which is pretty impressive for an 18-year-old who’s completely self-made, wouldn’t you say?

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