‘Empire’ Recap: Andre Receives Devastating News

Andre finds out some news that changes his life forever during the March 27 episode of ‘Empire.’ Plus, Thirsty reveals Damon Cross’s backstory.

The FBI has Thirsty cornered. Conway wants to talk about the Platinum Party that went down 18 months ago. Cookie, Lucious, Damon Cross, Kingsley, and everyone else was there. That’s where it all started. Conway is determined to take down Lucious and Damon. She’s got her eyes on the governor’s mansion. Conway continues to grill Thirsty, so he decides to tell the story.

Thirsty met a beautiful woman named Vera back then, and she tried to warn him about Damon Cross and his shady ways. Thirsty didn’t believe her, so he had to watch Damon brutally kill someone with a golf club. Thirsty was the one who got Damon Cross into the poker game with Lucious. When Damon lost $250,000, that’s how Damon got his hands on the Derek Adams painting of Cookie and Lucious.

Hakeem is shooting a new music video, but the dancing isn’t quite right. Maya decides to offer Jamal her advice, and he takes it. When Jamal shows a rough cut of the video, everyone agrees that Hakeem is back where he needs to be. Jamal thinks Hakeem should go on tour, and Cookie and Lucious immediately jump on board. But Giselle’s a little hesitant. She calls Kelly Patel, and he’s coming to Empire to discuss the situation.

Tiana and Treasure still aren’t getting along, but they soon get their sh*t together and record an epic song together. Meanwhile, Cookie and Lucious come with an idea that could make or break Empire: a free tour. They know they have to rebuild the trust with their fans after the Kingsley debacle. They want to repay the debt they owe. For once, Giselle sides with Cookie and Lucious, which gets Kelly Patel on board. When the free tour is announced, Jamal tells Maya that he wants her to choreograph the tour!

Thirsty is released from police custody. Damon doesn’t waste any time making sure Thirsty knows where he stands. He holds Thirsty’s girl at gunpoint. Thirsty’s not done with Damon. He’s not out until Damon says he’s out. Damon wants him to keep a closer eye on Lucious.

Andre goes to get a CT scan and the results are troubling. He tells Terri that he has stage 4 cancer, advanced lymphoma. He has a few months to live at best. Terri refuses to give up. She’s going to fight with him.

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