Every Time Beyoncé Carried An Everyday Object As An Expensive Handbag

Fashion is an expression of a one’s personal style. It allows them to stand out by being different. It’s no secret these days that when a particular item becomes popular or when a designer handbag becomes the next “it bag”, you’ll see it everywhere—but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. But when you’re a superstar like Beyoncé, you can understand she wouldn’t want to be seen in the same clothing as anyone else. That’s where creativity and thinking outside the box come into play to ensure each piece is truly one of a kind.

Through her curated carousels posted on Instagram, followers can often find a photo of Beyoncé’s name sewn into the tags of the many custom garments made just for her. And although her custom gowns are something to gaze at in awe, they are not the only part of her look that stamps it as unique. She tends to complete her looks with an expensive handbag that compliments it perfectly, but not just any handbag that you can find in any luxury department store. From a wad of cash to a black panther etc., these handbags are usually made out to resemble everyday objects.

Of course, being that she is Beyoncé, these household items and familiar objects have been adorned with tons of diamonds or crystals, but that’s just how she does it. Take this as a reminder to have fun with fashion and be creative. 

See all of the items Beyoncé turned into expensive handbags ahead.

The Cherry


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The Martini Glass


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The Watermelon


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The Tennis Ball


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The Heart


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The Vase


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The Disco Ball


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