Everyone Think Kim Kardashian and Tyler Cameron Should Start Dating

The internet is still coming down from Kim Kardashian hosting Saturday Night Live, and I, for one, am not over her Bachelor Nation-themed sketch The Dream Guy. In case you missed it, this one starred Kim as The Bachelorette (except it was a fake show called The Dream Guy, obvs), and featured a million famous people as her contestants—including real life Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron.

And apparently watching Tyler and Kim interact for less than 60 seconds on live TV was simply too much for people to handle, because now everyone wants them to date IRL simply based on the fact that they’re both single. Which. Kay!!!!

The comments on Tyler’s post (captioned, “I did a thing”) are basically full of people shipping him and Kim, with musings like “cute couple tbh,” I ship a Tyler C + Kim K romance,” “You guys would quite literally make the hottest couple!” “I’m so here for tydashian” “They are both single…” and the most extra “you guys would make cute babies.”


In other words, people are not okay!

Anyway, yes, Kim Kardashian and Tyler Cameron ARE both single at the moment, and as a reminder Tyler once dated Gigi Hadid—who is close friends with Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner. So…I guess it’s possible that these two have actually met and run in some of the same celebrity circles? Anyway, I’m sure the internet would welcome your fan fiction if you, too, ship Tydashian.

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