Former CIA Operative Ric Prado Wants Russian Oligarchs to Take Out Putin

Former CIA operative Ric Prado says killing Vladimir Putin inside Russia isn’t as easy as Sen. Lindsey Graham makes it sound, but he adds … there is an opening, if the oligarchs want him gone.

Prado, who has more than 20-years experience in in the Agency, broke down what he believes his former colleagues can do to help Ukraine beat back Putin’s Russian army. Many people, like Sen. Graham, have said the best option is getting Putin out of power … and Prado’s all for it too.

But, as he explained Thursday on “TMZ Live” … killing Putin is easier said than done. For starters, he says Putin is well protected and his inner circle will do anything to keep him alive, because they’re as good as dead if he’s ever assassinated.

Ric also says Russian civilians don’t stand a chance against Putin — they just don’t have the weaponry — but oligarchs have the resources and connections to make Sen. Graham’s wish come true.

He says the economic sanctions are squeezing the oligarchs … and he’d like to see one or more of Russia’s 100 billionaires put a bounty on Putin’s head just to stop their own economic bleeding.

Prado’s written a book called “Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior” … and says the Agency isn’t opposed to getting its hands dirty, but he’s not suggesting it get physically involved in removing Putin. Watch the clip, he’s making it clear there are other ways.

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