Gaz Beadle and fiancée Emma McVey delay wedding to care for three month old sick daughter Primrose

Gaz Beadle and his fiancée Emma McVey have decided to push their long-awaited wedding back to 2022 in order to take of their baby Primrose.

While at one point the former Geordie Shore star was partying every night, these days the 31 year old enjoys the quiet life as a dad to two year old Chester and three month old baby girl Primrose, both of which he shares with Emma, 27.

But life as an ex-Geordie isn't all fun and games as the last two to three months has been spent looking after his daughter, who's been kept in the hospital after experiencing acid reflux and allergies since her birth in mid-December.

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The sleepless nights caring for little Primrose consumed Gaz and Emma's lives to such an extent that they had no time or even the mental drive to look into planing their wedding.

Despite this, Gaz, who recently opened up about his battle with depression, has decided to look at the situation as a test on his relationship with Emma.

Fortunately, it looks like they're passing with flying colours as the reality star said they're "stronger" than ever.

Speaking about their time worrying over their daughter's health, Gaz told The Sun: "The last three or four months it's been so hard to even think about the wedding.

"Having kids is a massive test. I think it's important to have kids before you get married because getting married is easy, it's just a label.

"You hear a lot of people break up in the year after having kids. You're sleep deprived and it's totally brand new, it's really hard. But if anything it's made us stronger."

Now that Primrose is getting better every week and back at home with her parents, Gaz and Emma have decided to resume planning their wedding, which will take place in two years time.

Discussing their nuptial plans, he said: "We want to get married abroad, we know that. Haven't got a clue where though because we've been so busy we haven't even thought where yet."

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Gaz explained that they've pushed the date back even further because they'd love for their children to really understand what's going on during the ceremony and reception.

"We'd have to wait until Primrose was about two-and-a-half, I don't want a baby at the wedding."

"I want them to be talking and know what's going on," he added.

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