George Clooney Won't Run for Office, Gives Biden a Break Post-Trump

George Clooney is shooting down any notion of diving into politics — saying he doesn’t want the stress … while also noting Joe Biden deserves a break after Trump‘s presidency.

The actor sat down with BBC’s Andrew Marr Sunday to plug his new movie, “The Tender Bar,” and eventually … they got to talking about President Biden and ex-Prez Trump — the former of whom GC says will need time to clean up the mess he says DT left behind.

Marr noted Biden’s poll numbers are down — in the wake of Afghanistan and other issues — but George brushed those off as fleeting and ever-changing. He likened the U.S. today as a battered child, and that thinking they’ll be okay on the first day of school is foolish.

Bottom line … George says there’s a lot of healing that still needs to happen, and that these repairs will take time. So, Biden not fixing things ASAP is NBD to him — and he backs him.

Speaking of Trump … Clooney also dishes on what Donald was like back in the day — saying he was nothing but a knucklehead chasing girls. He also says Trump despises his staunchest supporters … rural folks from middle America, who come out in droves to his rallies.

Then came the prospect of wading into politics himself, and his answer is telling. Watch — George wants no part of it … and much of that has to do with hard numbers, like age.

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