Get To Know Young Actress Eva Ariel Binder Before Her ‘All Rise’ Episode Tonight!

Eva Ariel Binder will be guest starring on CBS’s All Rise tonight and we have all the facts about the young star so you can get to know her better.

The rising actress is currently filming a new movie in Texas with Alyssa Milano called Gift of an Angel.

“I am having so much fun working on this film!” she told JJJ. “Playing Alexandra is a dream come true. I love telling her story. It is very meaningful to me.”

Eva added, “I’m learning so much here in Texas -about kids that have such different lives and aren’t as fortunate as I am. I’m SO honored to be working with Alyssa, Angel and Cristian, my new besties. This will wrap just before Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for.”

You can check out 10 Fun Facts about Eva below!

  • I’m is double jointed
  • I would love to open a no kill animal rescue resort
  • I’m an accomplished pianist
  • My favorite color is purple
  • I’m always excited to go to Petco
  • I’m obsessed with horror movies
  • I’m a HUGE Jurassic Park movie fan
  • I really want to work at “The Haunted Hay Ride” in Griffith Park
  • I’m a dipper and will not put syrup on my pancakes or waffles. It must be on the side and then I dips it
  • When I order pizza, I disassemble it. I eat all the pepperoni first then takes off the cheese and puts it on the side and then I eat the crust

You can catch Eva in All Rise, TONIGHT @ 10PM ET/PT on CBS.

Click inside to see pics from Eva’s time filming her “Gift of an Angel”!

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