Gigi Hadid Gets Called Out For Posting About Her Robbery in Mykonos

Gigi Hadid wears her hair in a high ponytail after a trip to the gym in New York City on Tuesday morning (August 13).

The 24-year-old model rocked a cool sporty look while heading out to run some errands.

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Gigi just returned from a sister trip to Mykonos, Greece, where she revealed she was robbed.

However, fans are calling Gigi out for vowing never to go back to the destination.

“Let me get this straight, you’re blaming the whole of Mykonos because you were robbed, and in retaliation, you’re trying to impact their tourism and economy by telling people not to go there?” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “I got robbed in Miami….I don’t tell people not to go there…stupid post.”

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