Gwyneth Paltrow’s wise daughter Apple thought her mom was a ‘total loser’

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Even though Gwyneth Paltrow annoys me to no end, even I will admit that it seems like she’s a good mom. Her two kids, Apple and Moses, seem well-adjusted and completely normal for their ages. Unlike so many celebrity moms, Gwyneth hasn’t tried to force Apple into some kind of nepotism-modeling career and I get the feeling that Gwyneth and Chris really want their kids to go to college and be “normal” for as long as possible. Gwyneth has been posting more photos of her kids recently on Instagram, and Apple seems to be “helping” her mom with the Goop empire. Gwyneth also posted a photo of Apple for her 17th birthday – Apple really is a beauty, a really nice combination of her mom and dad. Gwyneth also chatted recently about how Apple thinks her mom is dreadfully uncool. Good. Gwyneth is uncool.

Apple doesn’t want her mom’s advice: The Oscar winner tells PEOPLE Apple “does not want my advice whatsoever on anything” when it comes to shopping: “She has all of her online stores that she loves, and my son is the exact opposite.” She says 15-year-old Moses Martin (whom she also shares with ex-husband Chris Martin) “cannot make up his mind. He’s very indecisive, like I am. He’s mostly shopping on skateboard sites and that kind of thing. But he likes advice; she does not.”

Apple thought Gwyneth’s style was awful: “My daughter likes my style now, which is great because there was a period of time where she thought I was a total loser,” the star says, adding that Moses does still have some objections: “My son, he never likes it if I wear anything revealing, like vaguely see-through or too low cut or too high cut. He wants me to dress very conservatively when I leave the house.”

Her dad was a great shopper: “My dad was more of a shopper than my mom [actress Blythe Danner]. He always said to buy things of great quality, and look after that. Whenever he would wear a cashmere cable knit sweater, he would put it back in a plastic bag with a little cedar chip in it. He kept his shoes and nice items bagged. He really looked after his things. He was sort of the opposite of that fast-fashion mentality. He really instilled that in me. Buy things of really good quality, take care of them and keep them forever.”

She’s saved all of her clothes from the ‘90s: “I have tons of clothes from the ’90s that I’ve saved. I’ve saved basically all my red carpet dresses,” she says. But one of her most cherished items never saw a glitzy premiere or awards show: “My dad bought a sweatshirt from my high school; it was his and now I wear it. It’s pretty cute.”

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It’s pretty normal for Moses to want his mom to dress more conservatively, I think. Not that Gwyneth is all about low-cut everything, but she’s worn a few provocative looks over the years and I’m sure she embarrasses the hell out of Moses. But Apple is right, Gwyneth has been a total loser (sartorially and otherwise) for many years. Still, if I had the chance, I would enjoy Gwyneth’s ‘90s archives too. What a treasure trove Gwyneth must have at this point, and all for Apple. When I was that age, I never wanted to hear what my mom had to say about fashion either. The youths are gonna dress however they want, and we’re not supposed to tell them that we actually dressed like that when we were young too.

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