Hailey Bieber Stuns in Groovy Purple String Bikini And You Need It

Uhh, is anyone else getting serious Bieber Fever these days and it’s not coming from Justin? Still love you J-Biebs, but H-Biebs has our pulses racing! Hailey Bieber’s latest string bikini is a purple dream that is giving us groovy, lava-lamp vibes

Hailey always runs the whole swimsuit game like it’s her business, — rocking the upside-down bikini top trend that totally took over social media, and pulling off fire-engine red like a supermodel should before cooling it down with a cobalt blue number. Whether she’s on sea or land, this girlie always makes us stan. And the Rhode skincare founder’s newest contribution to her swimwear wardrobe has us contemplating whether we should just dedicate a newsletter to her weekly bikini pics.

Posting a quick clip of her ‘fit to TikTok and captioning the video “cute lil summer details 🍇💜,” Hails looked absolutely *stunning*. Let us paint the picture for ya — giving us an above-the-head shot of her face, dazzling manicure, sunnies, bucket hat, and nearly blinding engagement and wedding ring set (super jel, FYI), Hailey shows us what she wears while just chillin’ in her backyard, catching some rays and taking a dip in her pool.

Hailey wore a lilac and violet-hued bikini featuring a teeny floral print in the classic triangle style, with the straps tying in a halter bow at the nape of her neck. And while we thought underboob would be the next “breast” thing in fashion thanks to Dua Lipa, Hailey makes a case for sideboob, with a touch of her chest peeking out the bikini top’s cups.

cute lil summer details 🍇💜

The sun-kissed girly paired her top with the matching bottoms. While we couldn’t see the whole bottoms due to a pair of breezy lavender parachute pants, Hailey did make sure to show off the straps, perched high on her hips. To finish off the look and assure us that she could run to safety and apply sunscreen should she start to feel a sunburn coming on, Mrs. Bieber wore sensible white and black Adidas Sambas.

Now, it is my honor to let you know that you too can rock the exact bikini that Hailey is (pls hold all applause till the end, ty). The pre-order of the restock at LOLEIA will arrive in early August, meaning it’ll be here in time for all of your Labor Day weekend plans!

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