Harry Styles’ Net Worth Legit Just Made Me Burst Out Crying

Great news for those of you who are living under the delusion that one day you’ll enter holy matrimony with former boy-bander Harry Styles! He’s worth a g’damn fortune. Like, his floppy hair coif alone is probably worth at least several million, to say nothing of his vast collection of whimsical suits.

Harry has made his money mostly thanks to his time in One Direction, when he toured extensively, released crazy amounts of merch purchased primarily by me, an adult woman teenage girls, and enjoyed record-breaking album sales. But he’s also done pretty well for himself as a solo artist and has leaned heavily on brand endorsements to line his pockets. Here’s a full breakdown of his net worth, because you’re nosy and we have that in common.

^Rare footage of me researching Harry Styles’ net worth.

The One Direction Years

Harry was in One Direction (RIP) along with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, so yeah, he had to split his paycheck with his (former) bandmates. But even so, the group made so much money that Harry easily became a millionaire. Let’s break it down:

1D’s Album Sales Are … Well … Nuts

According to RIAA, One Direction has sold $13.5 million in digital singles (aka, people downloading singles as opposed to an entire album). Meanwhile, their album sales are also mind-blowing. Case in point: 2013’s Midnight Memories was that year’s best-selling album, having sold 4 million copies worldwide.

Most of Harry’s Money Comes from Touring/Merch

One Direction toured nonstop to promote their music, and made piles of cash along the way. Their 2014 Where We Are Tour was probably their most impressive—ranking as the highest-grossing tour of the year with $290.2 million. Meanwhile, 2013’s Take Me Home Tour made $114 million, and 2015’s On the Road Again Tour made $208 million. Of course, the boys had to split this money among themselves, their management, and the hundreds of people who work on set, but still. That’s a lot of money.

Meanwhile, One Direction’s merch strategy was the most extra thing ever. It’s hard to find official sales numbers out there, but name any given household item (trash can? shower curtain?) and they’ve put their names on it and sold it to fans. You can still buy 1D merch at super-cool places like Hot Topic, FYI!

Oh, and we can’t forget One Direction’s movies! This Is Us (not to be confused with the show) earned a casual $8.9 million on its opening day alone, and if you’re thinking I’m just trying to come up with an excuse for us to watch the trailer, you’d be correct:

Then There Are His Endorsement$

Like most celebs, One Direction worked with brands to get that #sponcon coin. Most notably, they inked a deal with Toyota:

And Pepsi:

And Macy’s:

The Solo Years

Kay, so aside from all his 1D$, Harry has a self-titled album under his belt which sold pretty decently (1-million-copies decently, to be exact) and his tour supporting the album made $62 million. And let’s not forget he also had a starring role in Dunkirk, which presumably paid well! But most notably, solo Harry is the face of GUCCI TAILORING. And the commercial is so pure.

FYI, Harry also has some money tied up in real estate thanks to an L.A. home that he recently put on the market for $7.495 million, a NYC apartment that set him back $6.8 million, and a home in London worth £3 million.

So, What’s His Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that’d be $75 million. Read it and quite literally weep.

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