House Judiciary Committee GOP-ers Grill Ex FBI Chief Comey On Clinton Emails Before Turning Over Tiaras To Dems

In one last swipe at former FBI Director James Comey, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee will haul him behind closed doors for another day of grilling before they have to turn over control to Democrats.

Comey broke the news to reporters outside the grilling room Friday evening, where he revealed he’d just spent the day under the Republicans spotlight — taking questions on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

After a full day of questioning, a “couple things” became clear to him, Comey told the press gaggle outside the grilling room.

“No. 1, we could have done this in open setting. And, No. 2,when you read the transcript, you will see we were talking again about Hillary Clinton’s emails for heaven sake. So I’m not sure we need to do this at all,” he said.

“But I’m trying to respect the institution and to answer questions in a respectful way,” Comey chuckled.

“You’ll  see that if you see the transcript,” he said. “You’ll see that if you get a transcript of my return visit, which I think will be the week after next. And then this will be over.”

Comey wanted the grilling to be open to the public; Republicans refused but agreed under pressure to release a transcript of the festivities to the public.

During a break in the Comey Grilling Day, committee Republicans accused Comey camp of trying to shut down specific lines of questioning. Reporters asked Comey about that after the grilling concluded for the day.

“Why don’t you read the transcript, and then you will not see that happening,” Comey responded.

Democrats dismissed the grilling as sound and fury signifying nothing. Dems gained 40 House seats in the midterm elections, bringing that party’s tally to 235 seats, to the GOP’s 199 seats.

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