‘I blame you’ Holly Willoughby hits out as book error makes it seem like she ‘can’t write’

Holly Willoughby hits back as error in book looks like she 'can't write'

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This Morning star Holly Willoughby has hit back after making a bizarre error while signing her new memoir, Reflections. The ITV presenter revealed that she had been spending all day signing copies of the book, but mid-way through, she started making an error, which a colleague poked fun at.

It looks like you can’t write!

Holly Willoughby’s colleague

In view of her 7.4million followers, the star opened up on her bizarre mistake.

Wearing an emerald green blouse, Holly looked her usual chic self as she was hard at work signing copies of her autobiography.

She said to the camera: “Well, this is odd.

“So I’m sitting here signing my book, Reflections,” she revealed, while giving her fans a shot of the table in front of her.

Turning to the person next to her, Holly asked: “How many of these have I done today?”

“Nearly 4000,” Holly confirmed, before adding, “another 2000 to do on Monday”.

“And what do I keep doing?” she asked.

Holly confessed: “I keep writing ‘Hope’, instead of my name, it’s the weirdest thing.

“I look down and it’s there, it just says, ‘Hope,'” she revealed.

“I hope this is a good sign, but it does mean that every so often in 5000 books that I’m signing, I have to write, ‘I hope you enjoy,'” the star explained.

“So if you get one of those, I hope you enjoy.”

Cutting to a clip of her mistakenly signing a book with the word “hope”, Holly’s colleague exclaimed in response: “It looks like you can’t write!”

Replying, Holly could be heard saying: “I’m blaming you entirely! You said don’t write -” before the clip cut out.

The next Story revealed a snap of the book which had been signed with the wrong name.

Earlier this year, Holly announced plans to venture into the publishing world again by releasing a new book.

The This Morning presenter said the book will reveal all her “thoughts and musings” on “inner and outer beauty”.

Last month, the star took to Instagram to share a video showing her recording the foreword of her audiobook.

Holly said: “I’m writing this book, in a way, to get that voice heard, to finally speak and say how I’m feeling.

“I want you to know what it’s like back here sometimes, and I hope that helping myself by sharing my experiences will help you.”

The video was captioned: “Feeling reflective and hopeful… audio book sessions in full swing… Thought you may enjoy a small preview #reflections … link to preorder in my bio.”

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