‘Incredibly brutal’ Hairy Bikers’ Si King ‘completely lost it’ after tough split from wife

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Si King will be back on screens tonight in the latest episode of Hairy Bikers Go North. Many may be left wanting to know more about the cook’s personal life outside of his show. He was with his wife Jane for 27 years but revealed their relationship is now “in pieces” after the pressures of fame took its toll on their marriage. The 54-year-old revealed the pair “lost each other” as they focused on different priorities in their life.

Talking to Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine four years ago, the father of three sons – Alex, James and Dylan  said: “We lost each other. Jane was focused on the family and I was focused on work.

“The reality is the industry we work in is incredibly brutal. There are timelines and deadlines. You have to be on form. Some people can do it. I find it quite difficult.”

He revealed that at times he could barely recognise himself, as he said: “When you’re in it you just get on with it but then something happens and you think, ‘Christ almighty, who am I now? Who have I become?'”

“She’s still my wife although we’re separated,” he explained.

With his life in turmoil, King revealed that despite his bubbly personality on-screen things were very different off-camera.

He turned to his close friend and fellow Hairy Biker Dave Myers and stayed with him at his French home.

During this time, the TV chef’s mother Stella died and he was left shaken after suffering a brain aneurysm in 2014.

“My mum died and then I had the aneurysm. Because I’d been separated from Jane for two or three years at that point I completely lost it. I didn’t know who I was anymore,” he explained.

King previously opened up about how his wife Jane had been at his bedside as he recovered from the aneurysm.

“It was scary for me, but I think it was even more difficult for my kids and wife Jane at my bedside,” he said.

“I was rushed into surgery and I had an occlusion, which is an operation to stop the blood flowing through the ruptured blood vessel to direct it elsewhere.

“After that I was in intensive therapy for four days. I had all sorts of pipes and wires coming out of me, hooked to machines.”

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Speaking to The Mirror as he recovered from the life-threatening condition, King said in 2014: “There have been no lasting effects – none that you’d notice other than I am slightly madder than I was before. No deficit as they say.”

“I just started getting a severe headache. Over a four-day period it got worse and worse and worse. I thought, ‘Oh my god I am in trouble here’. So I went and had a procedure,” he explained.

“Now I go for check-ups. It is a continual treatment and I will need some more. It was a life-or-death thing. It was critical when I went into hospital but now it’s not. It’s good they have fixed it.”

It was revealed earlier this year that King has split from his latest girlfriend Michele Cranston.

The 54-year-old biker had planned to marry Michele and proposed in 2019.

He said at the time of the proposal: “I got down on one knee on the Sonoma Coast – over the Pacific with the waves crashing down.

“It was very romantic but it almost killed us because it was getting dark…

“We get married in 2021 and I’ll be commuting from Australia for work, so that’ll be interesting.”

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