Is Angela Deem Filming New ’90 Day Fiance’ Series Sporting Softer Look?

Angela Deem conforms a bit to Michael Ilesanmi mode of dress during latest visit to Nigeria.

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem’s latest photo is gathering kudos online as she’s never looked so good. On her latest trip to Nigeria to visit her long-distance love, Michael Ilesanmi, she’s wearing clothes that look a bit more conducive for that neck of the woods.

During Angela’s first trip to Michael’s country many months ago, Michael attempted to get Angela to dress a bit more customary to the culture. She did break down after a while and get a matching outfit with Michael. This was seen on the last season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

This time around, Angela is wearing a long flowing ankle-length dress with a pretty yellow jacket made from scarf-like material. Micheal is in clothes that are native to his land. The two actually look very happy together.

Despite the frequent stop-and-go nature of the relationship, the two never fell out of love. Furthermore, Angela and Michael are still engaged today. According to Soap Dirt, their inside source tells them that Angela and Michael are currently filming another 90 Day Fiance franchise season.

Angela and Michael’s explosive blowup on the 90 Day Fiance “Tell All” episode seemed like an unhappy ending for the two. That was the last episode to air on the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season.

Celebrity Blogger John Yates recently posted the picture above of Angela and Michael. He believes this is “hands down the best I’ve ever seen them.” It looks like folks on the social media sites also agree with Yates. John keeps in touch with many of the 90 Day Fiance stars and he’s often the first with scoops and updates on the cast.

Both these photos, the one above and below, show a much happier couple than the night fans witnessed Angela rage over Michael calling her “his elder.” Angela is very sensitive to their age difference and she’s let Michael know this in the past. So when he referred to her as “his elder” on national TV, Angela blew a gasket. She threw his engagement ring on a table and stormed off the set. Michael could only watch from the other side of the world via a live-feed screen.

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Angela Deem is 52 and Micheal is just 30, so the 20-plus age difference between the two is a sore spot for Angela. When Michael made that “elder” statement, it was just his way of saying she was older than him. To Angela, it sounded as if he was calling him his elder, much like how someone might refer to their aging parent.

Apparently, they’ve put all this behind them today as Angela did make a recent trip to see Michael in Nigeria and posted pictures of the two together online. In the recent pictures, it looks like Angela’s softened up her image a bit with her attire and hairdo. Perhaps Angela has taken on this new image while they’re filming a new 90 Day Fiance franchise show.

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