‘It’s not exactly A Place In The Sun!’ Jasmine Harman shares concerns about show

A Place In The Sun: Jasmine Harman moans about the weather

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A Place In The Sun is known for its idyllic sunny locations, where presenters such as Jasmine Harman, 46, help house-hunters find their dream holiday home. But recently she admitted it’s been a bit of a washout, as the weather isn’t on their side.

The forecast is for a bit of rain as well but fingers crossed we will escape that

Jasmine Harman

Taking to her Instagram story while filming a new episode for the Channel 4 show, Jasmine revealed the weather in Tenerife is definitely not what the participants are looking for.

Walking along the coastline, she oozed summer vibes, as she sported a floral top accessorised with hoop earrings and a large golden sun necklace.

But it’s a shame the weather wasn’t playing ball.

Greeting her 69K followers with a warm welcome, she said: “Good morning! Look, I’m in Tenerife on the beach.

“We did have a bit of sun earlier but it seems to have gone in now and the clouds have come over.”

She frowned as she looked at the dark grey sky, admitting they might be in for some rain.

“The forecast is for a bit of rain as well but fingers crossed we will escape that and the weather will improve slightly!” she winced.

“Otherwise it’s not exactly A Place In The Sun… is it!”

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And while it seems the only sun Jasmine came close to was the one on her necklace, the presenter revealed she wasn’t having the best of luck either after she suffered a nasty fall the day before.

After she shared what was going on with the weather, she also detailed her injury, which left some fans concerned that she hadn’t sought medical attention.

Alongside a photo of herself on the same beach in the same outfit, she captioned it: “First day back at work this year!

“Maybe the sun will show it’s face later but for now, the only sun around here is my lovely necklace that I got for Christmas!

“Still, can’t complain! It’s a bit better than yesterday in London when I slipped on the ice and smacked my head on the ground!” she continued, adding a bandaged head emoji.

Her followers took to the comments section to check that the presenter had since recovered from her fall.

“Ouch. Hope you’re feeling ok. Be kind to yourself,” wrote heavenlyorganicsskincare.

Paul Tri also commented: “Ouch Jasmine, I hope you’re ok. I will be watching the show all week as normal. Be careful #headbanger.”

Christopher Chapman said: “Lovely photo and do hope your head is ok and you got it check out need to be careful Jasmine. Take care hope the sun comes out for you.”

Jason McQueen added: “Hope you are ok after the icy slip! Day here is definitely in need of Canaries sun…”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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