‘I’ve had a facelift at 45 – I have zero regrets,’ says EastEnders’ Rita Simons

Ex-EastEnders star Rita Simons is proud to show off the results of her facelift, declaring she has "zero regrets" as she calls the procedure "brilliant".

Six weeks ago Rita had a Cinderella Lift at the Harley Street Skin clinic after developing "sagging" and "jowls."

And the 45-year-old mum-of-two couldn't be happier with the results, and it's clear her confidence has received a boost.

"I just wanted to feel like me again – like my old self – and I do," she told us exclusively. "I feel great again now. I feel like I can hold my head up high.”

The procedure, which tightens the skins using biodegradable threads, took just half an hour.

"There was no pain, no scar, no swelling, no bandages, nothing. It’s amazing," the actress added.

As much as she's impressed with her transformation the star was keen to add she’s “not vain” and it wasn’t about “wanting to look beautiful."

"It’s about ageing for me, too," she said. "I don’t like it when I feel like I’m starting to get old. I’m not trying to achieve something that isn’t me, I just wanted to turn back a little bit of time.

"And in photos I’m not thinking about having to hide my jowls any more. Nobody likes getting papped, but now I’m like, ‘OK, come at me then!’”

Rita has since had her hair chopped into a chic bob, something she explained she wouldn't have "dreamed" of doing before because of her worries about her jawline.

“Cutting my hair is really symbolic – it means I’ve got nothing to hide,” she admitted.

“I wouldn’t have dreamed of cutting it short before, I didn’t realise just how much I was hiding behind my hair. Having it short and not worrying what my jawline looks like is freeing.”

In the future, Rita admits she is open to having more work done but stresses she wants to maintain the natural look as much as possible. “If I could fix my back tomorrow, I would,” she said.

“But it’s not an option unless I have metal rods put in, which I don’t think I want to do. But, absolutely, if I needed something doing that was out of place and saggy, I have no issue."

For more information on Rita’s procedure, visit harleystreetskinclinic.com


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