Jake Paul's video of Zayn Malik screaming in hotel room leaves fans fuming

Zayn Malik fans have been left fuming after Jake Paul recorded a video of the singer screaming inside his hotel room amid their explosive feud.

The YouTube star had the internet shocked when he took aim at Zayn on Twitter, with Gigi Hadid taking him down with a brutal response.

Jake later deleted his own tweets, claiming he had written them while drunk, and branded himself a ‘f**king idiot.’

However, his brother Logan has now released previously unseen footage, claiming he tried to settle the feud between the pair as their hotel rooms were across the hall from each other.

In the video, Zayn can be heard shouting insults from inside the room, while Logan stands at the door, saying: ‘My friend…talk to me for one second.’

The older Paul brother said of the video: ‘Zayn is screaming, he’s screaming from inside his room…I knock on the door, he’s screaming, he’s losing his mind, I’m confused, he’s throwing out insults.’

‘Zane ik you’re reading this… stop being angry cause u came home alone to ur big a** hotel room hahaha [sic].’

The 23-year-old continued: ‘Bro he literally started yelling and freaking the f*** out’, claiming that Zayn had yelled ‘“you wanna test me mate”’ at him.

Gigi took no prisoners in her response, saying: ‘Lol cause he doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies ..? Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king cause he has me, sweetie.

‘Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly ass. Go to bed …’

Deleting his tweets, Jake later said: ‘Someone needs to take my phone when i’m drunk because I am a f**king idiot’

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