Jameela Jamil jokes she’s ‘not South Asian’ amid Munchausen’s rumours

Jameela Jamil has taken a different approach to the Munchausen’s syndrome claims – by starting ridiculous rumours about herself. 

A social media user started a thread this week suggesting that the Good Place actress has ‘made up’ various ailments and stories about herself over the years.

Among the suspected ‘fake’ stories include Jameela surviving cancer twice, being struck by a car on two separate occasions while running away from bees and having hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. 

Munchausen’s is classed as a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if they have a physical or mental illness when they are in fact not sick. 

Jameela slammed the rumours and described them as ‘dumb internet conspiracy theories’ but, after spending hours being upset over the drama, she’s trying to see the funny side of it all. 

‘Now that I have made it to crazy rumour level fame. Let’s start more: I’m not actually south Asian,’ Jameela told her Twitter followers.

‘It’s all Bobbi Brown bronzer. Also my I have a tattoo of my own tits on my forehead, and that’s why I always have a fringe. Also, I’m BANKSY.’ 

She didn’t stop there either as Jameela went on to fuel the conspiracy theorists by joking that she’s a member of the Illuminati secret society and ‘secretly the found of Flat Tummy Co’, which is a nod to her work as an activist for body image positivity. 

Taking the jokes even further, she later claimed: ‘Also Tupac and Biggie both live in my house and style me for events. And Putin comes round our house for Poker night. 

‘And “you’re so vain” was really about ME. And… I am single handedly causing climate change with my farts. Also I’m American. And this is my real body.’ 

The 33-year-old later took more of a serious approach and accused the ‘weirdo stalker’ who started the thread of being a ‘bully’. 

‘After a few hours of feeling upset that I’m being gaslit and targeted for harassment,’ Jameela wrote in an Instagram post. 

‘Some people have sad, empty lives. And doing this gives them some purpose. And I don’t have to do stuff like this because I have a purpose in @i_weigh and all our beautiful policy change [sic] and fights for legislation to protect young people.’

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