Jamie Foxx Stoically Listens to Man Freestyle Rap After Super Bowl

Jamie Foxx is such a good sport for this — he listened to a guy pour his heart and soul into an impassioned freestyle rap that JF REALLY didn’t appear to be all that crazy about.

The awkward moment went down Sunday night after the big game in Miami, where this fella seemingly sidled Jamie up and began rapping while filming himself next to the actor/singer. He goes all in on it too, and no offense to him … but it’s not great.

Looks like Jamie might’ve felt the same way, ’cause he stoically looked on as the dude kept going and going and going. Eventually, he gave the man a small clap and dipped out.

Gotta give him — meaning Jamie — props for being so patient here. Frankly … a lot of other people might’ve cut this impromptu MC off and left him in the dust. Not Jamie though — he sat through that whole dang thing and graciously paid respects afterward. What a guy!

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BTW, just because JF guest judged on “The Masked Singer” this week doesn’t mean he’s ready to critique any Joe off the street. But, shoot your shot if you must. He’ll listen, apparently.

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