Jared Leto Tear-Gassed In Italy After Stumbling Into Anti-Vax Protest!


Jared Leto found himself in the worst place possible on Saturday night when he wound up in the middle of a violent anti-vaccination protest in Rome, Italy! The Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman posted about the scary encounter on Instagram, sharing videos and photos from the march. He captioned the clips:

“Got caught in a protest in Italy. From what I gather it was about vaccine mandates / green pass. Got tear gassed then called it a night.”

That seems like the right time to call it a night — tear gas is no joke! (Though we sincerely hope the Suicide Squad star wouldn’t have wanted to continue participating in the anti-vax protest anyway.)

According to Reuters, the protesters hit the streets after Italy became the first European country to establish a mandate that all workers must have a COVID-19 Green Pass in order to continue their jobs, which basically means they need proof of a vaccination card, negative test, or confirmation that they recently contracted the virus). From the looks of it, many weren’t happy about that! Check out the singer’s unexpected evening (below).




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So intense!

FWIW, Leto’s been very pro-mask since the start of the pandemic — even wearing one in social settings when others weren’t (like at New York Fashion Week last month), so we doubt he would have wanted to walk alongside the anti-vaxxers much longer. Thoughts?? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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