Jennifer Lopez Shares Cryptic Selfie With Her Dancers & What Looks Like A Wedding Dress

Thanks for the sneak peek, J.Lo! Jennifer Lopez shared what appeared to be part of her wedding dress on her social media on May 5!

Things appear to be moving along with Jennifer Lopez’s wedding plans to Alex Rodriguez! The singer, 49, and the baseball player, 43, got engaged on March 9, and J.Lo posted a selfie with her dancers late last night of what appears to be her wedding gown! She shared a selfie, which showed her wearing a cute high bun, with her dancers behind her posing around a tiered-tulle gown.

The dress could definitely be her wedding gown and a sneak-peek to that. But, it could also be a preview to a possible Met Gala dress since the big event is only one day away. Jen captioned the post, “We’re up to something… See you Monday morning LIVE ON THE PLAZA! @TODAYshow.”

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure what the meaning behind J.Lo’s pic is. She and Alex’s engagement almost two months ago came after two years of dating. Their first meeting actually was dated back to 2005, but they had other relationships before their romance began 12 years later.

Around one month ago J.Lo admitted on Sirius XM that she knew she wanted to marry Alex a year into their relationship. “Probably like a year in, cause I was just sussing it out until then,” she said. “I don’t know, ‘Maybe yes maybe no. I love him, I like him.’ Everything just seemed too perfect too soon.”

“So it made me a little like, ‘Hey wait, what’s happening here? Let me just wait a second’ and so when it happened, I think it was the right time,” she continued. “We both knew.” So adorable. We can’t wait to see what J.Lo’s up to with her mysterious white dress, and to see more from this sweet couple!

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