Jeremy Clarksons New Years Eve party scrapped due to girlfriend Lisas eldest daughter

Lisa Hogan on her son 'almost killing Jeremy Clarkson'

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Jeremy Clarkson was planning to host a 100 people at his home last night. However, The Grand Tour host had to cancel his bash due to Covid.

We had to paint a plague cross on the door and not let anyone in

Jeremy Clarkson

The eldest daughter of the 61-year-old’s girlfriend Lisa Hogan tested positive for coronavirus, meaning he could no longer invite people around.

Lamenting the situation in his latest column today, the presenter said after lockdown “loneliness” he had been determined to end 2021 with a bang.

But this wasn’t to be, as he was also unable to party with friends, who he says have also been struck down by the virus.

Instead it was a very quiet evening for the father-of-three, consisting of a “poached egg and sherry”.

“After the loneliness of lockdown 12 months ago, I was determined to get into my drinking trousers and let rip,” Jeremy started.

“Within days I had 100 people who said they’d come. Great. But then Omicron got its running shoes out, so within a couple of days, it was 70. Then it was 12. And then it was five.”

Despite dwindling numbers, the ex Top Gear regular was happy to plough on.

“‘No matter,’ I thought. ‘More sausage rolls for everyone,'” he stated.

It was then that disaster struck, with Lisa’s eldest bringing an end to his plan.

Jeremy continued: “Nope. Poached egg and sherry, because then my partner’s eldest daughter tested positive, which meant we had to paint a plague cross on the door and not let anyone in.”

It was at that point he called a friend to ask if she would host at her’s.

But, after saying everyone would need to test first, things became troublesome.

“That wasn’t possible because every shop within 100 miles had sold out,” Jeremy claimed.

“Just when all seemed lost, I got a call from another mate saying she was having a do at her place. Excellent.”

But he added in The Sun: “I booked a taxi immediately… and then cancelled it even more immediately because she went down as well.”

The small screen favourite finished by addressing the UK’s Covid statistics.

He suggested official figures are “completely wrong”, as the a lot of people take to their bed and not telling anyone.

An estimated 2.3 million people in the UK had Covid-19 in the week ending December 23, up from 1.4 million in the week to December 1, the Office for National Statistics said.

Jeremy is thought to have been in a relationship with former actress and screenplay writer Lisa since 2017.

He himself tested positive for COVID-19 during December 2020.

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