Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter believes in Elf on the Shelf, do you do this with your kids?

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Who among you is a Shelfer? For those who don’t know, Elf on the Shelf is a holiday tradition that originated from a kids’ book in 2005 by the same name. The idea is that the elves are ‘scout elves’ who stage a month-long home invasion between Thanksgiving and Christmas, watching and reporting back to Santa which list you belong on. They accomplish this by moving about the room, appearing on a different shelf every morning. But somewhere along the way, the Elf tradition evolved into a series of pranks in which the Elves wreak havoc on your belongings and terrorize the dog.

Jimmy Kimmel Shelfs and apparently, it helps keep his children in line. During his monologue the other night, Jimmy explained that his four-year-old daughter, Jane, believes in their Elf enough that’s she’s trying to work his endorsement by making offerings to her little brother, Billy.

Jimmy Kimmel has seen the magic of the Elf on the Shelf firsthand when it comes to making sure his own children share their toys during the Christmas season because they know the Elf is watching.

He also knows that making sure the Elf is in a new spot every day can be a chore, so the late-night host has a few hilarious suggestions on how to ease that burden.

“There needs to be a service that comes to your house and moves the Elf around for you,” he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night.

Since that business doesn’t actually exist, Kimmel had one other idea that could kill two birds with one stone – cleaning the house and moving the Elf.
“Tonight I’m just gonna duct tape the Elf to a Roomba and let it move around itself,” he said.

Kimmel watched recently as his daughter, Jane, 4, shared a toy with his son, Billy, 1, all thanks to the Elf’s watchful eye.

“She gives it to him like, ‘Billy, I know this is mine, but I want you to play with it,’ and then I swear to God she did this – she turned and winked at the Elf,” he said.

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Somebody needs to capitalize on a “Shelf Your Elf” service. I could see rich housewives in Manhattan bragging about their personal Shelfer over lunch. I’m sure the Roomba thing has been done before. I love Jane’s wink to the elf. This is where I would be with one of these interlopers in my house, I’d save all my good behavior for when I was standing in front of them. I am not a Shelfer (nor do I have any idea if that’s what they call themselves)/ I think this a fun tradition and if I had the energy, I’d do it. But since I get up between four and five in the morning, anything that requires me to stay awake past the kids is off the table. I stay away from this because I don’t want to have to think up new ideas. If you need some inspiration, check out some of these ideas people have pulled off. They are un-b-ELF-able! (See that – my elf just packed up and went back home).

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