Joe Swash says he misses son Rex, two, with sweet snap as he returns to nursery

Joe Swash shared that he missed his two year old son Rex on Wednesday as he returned to nursery following Christmas break.

The 39 year old posted a photo of himself with Rex sitting on his shoulders as the pair flashed identical grins at the camera while perched under rows of fairy lights outside.

“He is back 2 Nursery. And I miss him,” Joe captioned.

The TV presenter shared boomerang clips on Instagram Stories of himself with Rex in addition to the photo, enjoying “play time” as the youngster was pictured in a fox printed sweatshirt and sweatpants, lying on his back next to his dad in a playpen.

And parents in the comments shared their empathy towards the TV star, having gone through similar feelings during the back-to-school period.

“Bless ya! mine went back to nursery today too. You really do miss them when they are not home turning the house upside down,” one follower wrote.

“I know the feeling, my little boy went back today, cannot wait to have them back at the end of the day!!” A second person responded.

One fan was quick to offer reassurance to Joe, reminding the enthusiastic dad that he would be reunited with his little boy in no time.

“Awwww he will be home, before you know it!” a comment read.

While Joe’s followers generally showed compassion towards him after he shared that he missed son Rex – one person's comment stood out in particular beneath the post.

“I miss him more… he was a better Christmas tree hole digger than you this morning,” fiancée Stacey Solomon wrote.

The mum-of-four was referring to Joe’s failed attempt the day before at replanting their Christmas trees in the garden in an effort to reuse them next Christmas.

“We’re out in the garden, replanting our Christmas trees, because apparently you can replant it and it’ll grow for next year,” Stacey told her followers as she filmed Joe outside with his shovel ready to dig along with their son Rex.

“Joe’s over the moon about this information I discovered.”

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After a few moments of shovelling, it appeared that Joe had regretted his decision to replant the trees as he was caught pausing to catch his breath, before uttering:

“This is never gonna work.”

“It is gonna work if you just dig a bit harder,” Stacey replied giggling.

“Mate I’m digging,” Joe quipped back as Stacey described the hole he’d dug so far the “worst [she’d] ever seen”, to which her fiancé shouted back: “What are you, site manager?”

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