JoJo Siwa Addresses Kylie Prew Reconciliation Rumors

JoJo Siwa is speaking out about her current relationship!

Back in March, the 18-year-old entertainer revealed that she wasn’t single anymore, and now there are rumors that she is back with ex Kylie Prew.

In a new interview, JoJo responded to the rumors and being in love.

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“It would be really nice if she was at my home. We’re long distance, which is always hard. She is the best, and FaceTimes and when we do actually get to see each other, my heart is just like…” JoJo told Extra.

“I felt like for a while my puzzle piece was just like scrambled eggs and I feel like I finally started to put my puzzle back together, and I feel like there was that one piece that was missing and she was that one piece,” she continued, adding, “like that corner piece that you just needed.”

JoJo then was asked if she and Kylie were back together, and she replied, “I mean, listen, I will [answer this] one day.”

“I’m not saying yes or no… I should have told her I was doing press today and asked her what she wanted me to say,” she said.

JoJo and Kylie were best friends before starting dating at the start of 2021. They then split about 10 months later, and JoJo told Paris Hilton that they were still remaining best friends.

If you remember, Kylie lived in Florida.

Whoever she is with, we’re just glad that JoJo is happy!!

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