Joy Behar Reportedly Calls Meghan McCain An ‘Entitled B*tch’ After EXPLOSIVE Fight On ‘The View’!

Christmas has come early for those who miss The View’s good ol’ days of shouting matches between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain have been clashing extra hard on the morning program lately, and the ongoing friction sparked an intense fight between the two on Monday that reportedly continued backstage — and caused one of them to threaten to leave the show!

The drama started on the air when Behar injected Donald Trump into a discussion about late George H.W. Bush’s legacy. John McCain’s daughter wasn’t having it, and eventually snapped:

“I’m not interested in your one-issue—

To which Behar shot back:

“I don’t care what you’re interested in and I’m talking!”

McCain was in the middle of another round of “I don’t care what you’re interested in!”s when referee Whoopi Goldberg quickly threw to commercial.

You can see the whole thing play out in the video (below) — but the REAL drama apparently ignited when the show was on break.

According to, Behar fumed as the show cut to commercial and threatened to quit if “this sh*t doesn’t stop.” The comedian reportedly called her conservative colleague an “entitled b*tch,” apparently telling producers:

“Get this b*tch under control! I’ve tolerated a lot of sh*t on this show but I’m at my wits’ end with this entitled b*tch. Enough already! Enough already! I’m not playing nice any longer.”

Dang. Them’s fighting words!

But a People source painted a much different picture. The insider said the two panelists simply had a “disagreement” on Monday and “are totally fine,” explaining:

“They had a disagreement on-air, which is totally expected in that job. But they are both professionals. They seemed completely fine afterwards.”

The source added that the two have “actually gotten really close over the last year” and are just “two very different people,” but “both very professional.”

It doesn’t look like the two were completely fine based on the clip, as you can clearly see Behar shouting at McCain after the mic was shut off:


Do U think this frost will settle in time for the holidays?

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