Kailyn Lowry Reveals Postpartum Depression Battle & Admits She Didn’t ‘Connect’ With 1st Son Isaac

Kailyn Lowry is revealing that after she had her first son Isaac she felt totally disconnected with her baby. She says she didn’t even cry with joy when he was born.

Kailyn Lowry‘s life was in a pretty chaotic place when she gave birth to first son Isaac at the age of 17 in 2010. Now she’s revealing that after her baby arrived she had postpartum depression and didn’t feel a bond with with the newborn. In the new April 18 Coffee Convos podcast with co-host Lindsie Chrisley, the Teen Mom 2 star explained “I didn’t feel a connection with Isaac right away. I didn’t cry when he was born. I think I was just so tired and there were 13 people in the delivery room,” regarding the 16 and Pregnant film crew and others. “It was camera crews and family and friends and all the nurses. It was just so draining and I couldn’t nurse the way that I wanted to. I didn’t even deliver at the hospital I wanted to.”

Even though she had all those people in the delivery room, “Nobody stayed in the hospital with me, at all. From the time I gave birth until we went home,” leaving her feeling so alone. She was estranged from her mother Suzi Irwin over the pregnancy and living with her high school sweetheart Jonathan “Jo” Rivera and his parents when Isaac arrived

“There were so many things so by the time Jo’s mom picked me up from the hospital to take me home, she was like, ‘Are you ready to go home?’ and I was like, ‘No.’ Because I wouldn’t have the nurses to help me,” Kailyn admitted. “I was so disconnected,” Kailyn continued.

She had severe fatigue after having Isaac, which didn’t happen with her next two sons Lincoln Marroquin, 5, and Lux Lowry, 1, as she said she was a “champ” after their births. “I was so tired the first six to eight weeks I would sleep on the floor in Isaac’s nursery,” Kailyn confessed. “Like I could not…I couldn’t…Jo’s dad had to come up and talk to me and be like, ‘You need to leave this room.’” Kailyn said she had “some degree” of postpartum depression. “I mean, I got over it and I didn’t need medication and I didn’t see anybody. I’m like, ‘okay that was probably some degree of postpartum,’” she added.


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