Karen Clifton husband: How Strictly pro cut ties with ex and moves on with new boyfriend

Karen Clifton will be partnered with actor and comedian Chris Ramsey this year. Last year, she made it to the quarter-finals and week eleven with actors Charles Venn. This year, she’ll be hoping to get all the way and claim the Strictly Come Dancing crown!.

Karen’s personal life has been closely tied to Strictly, as her ex-husband, Kevin Clifton, is one of the pro dancers too.

Last year, Kevin and his now-girlfriend Stacey Dooley were crowned Strictly winners.

While Karen and Kevin had, by all accounts, an amicable separation and remained friends, Karen has recently indicated she’s cut ties and moved on.

Karen has dropped Clifton as her surname and has changed her username on Instagram to her maiden name Hauer.

While Kevin has cut all ties with the dance school he used to run with Karen.

However, Karen has insisted there is no bad blood between her and her ex.

Speaking previously on Fubar Radio, she said of Kevin and Stacey’s romance: “I don’t really know anything about their relationship.

“But you know what he looks extremely happy, so I’m happy that he’s happy.”

Karen has a blossoming romance of her own, with opera singer David Webb.

The couple have gone public recently with sweet snaps of them on holiday posted on Instagram, but those in the know say the relationship has been ongoing for about a year already.

While Karen and Kevin seem to have had as pleasant a divorce as anyone could hope for, it seems Karen still feels the back to work blues when it comes to the new Strictly season.

She shared a meme on her Instagram story with a puzzled-looking dog, with the caption: “when someone says ‘have fun at work’”.

The past was deleted before the automatic 24-hour removal from the site.

Some assumed this was due to the assumption Karen was dreading seeing her ex.

This comes after fresh rumours that Kevin and Stacey are engaged, after she was seen with a ring while the couple were out and about.

Stacey ended a relationship with boyfriend Sam Tucknott shortly before she and Kevin went public last year.

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